Thank you Theale Green Community school in Reading

I was delighted to receive an email today telling me of the Hair for Hospices activity at Theale Green Community School in Reading.  Both our children attended this secondary school and students took our cause to heart and held a series of events at the end of the last term.  Today the hospice received a cheque from them for £849.55, a wonderful and really generous achievement – thank you all so much for all you’ve done to help the hospice.

It’s a while since I checked how much Hair for Hospices has raised for hospices around the country.  I know that my figure is an underestimate because some people didn’t record their collections so I can be certain that over £22,000 has been raised for hospices around the UK.  The true figure is likely to be several thousand pounds higher.  I can’t say how much was amount raised for hospices outside the UK but I’ve had letters of thanks from a number of countries where donations to hospices were made in Carol’s memory in Canada, USA, Israel and more.

In a few hours it will be 11 months since Carol died – where has the time gone?  It is a real paradox – it seems both only yesterday and also so long ago.  In these months we have tried to start a new life as a family and as individuals, supporting each other and also working to help hospices.  Who would have thought that our efforts would touch so many and be such a beacon for hope for us and many others?

As we approach the anniversary of our loss we look forward to the Recitals for Hospices event ( on 16 December in Carol’s memory.  We are so fortunate to have internationally acclaimed performers coming to Reading at their personal expense to give this concert.  Please come along and support it if you can as all proceeds will go to help the hospice.  I am also looking forward to working with a number of hospices which are also considering a similar recital under this banner.  Hair for Hospices has been launched as a major event again next year from 1 – 28 October 2013.  Perhaps a programme of recitals will also follow?  You can help make it happen and I’d be pleased to help if I can.
This blog has been followed and read in 47 countries.  I hope we’ve helped at least one person in each of these countries.


Hair for Hospices 2013 is announced

In recent blogs I hinted that I’d soon be able to announce details of Hair for Hospices in 2013.  As it was so well received last year around and outside the UK it should come as no surprise that we hope for a bigger and better event to support hospices in 2013.

One of the main problems last time was that holding the day on 7 August meant that many schools and offices could not participate or participate fully because of summer holiday commitments.  That particular date was chosen as it was our wedding anniversary and when I suggested the idea it was purely for me shaving off my beard for a single hospice – and just look at what that grew into around the world!

Today members of the National Association of Hospice Fundraisers (a body on which the majority of UK hospices are represented) were told of Hair for Hospices 2013.  Instead of having a single day event, Hair for Hospices will run throughout October with it culminating on 28th October.  It is hoped that by choosing this month for activities it could coincide with Hospice Care Week (still to be confirmed) which many would also wish to support.  Individual hospices will be free to decide if and how they might wish to be involved in an event or series of events under the Hair for Hospices banner.

I am already aware of some events being discussed but will be more than happy to speak to individuals and hospices over the coming months to help them if I can.

The overall purpose of the day will be to raise awareness of the need for hospices everywhere and to raise funds for hospices local to where people take part in our month of action by doing something visible to their hair.  Just like this year you can shave off a beard, colour or restyle hair or donate long hair to make wigs for children who have lost their hair because of cancer treatments.

There are lots of other ways to become involved to help your local hospice – can anyone think of something wackier than the Scuba Salon this year – or make better hair related cakes than offered by Hair Nineteen in Halifax for Overgate Hospice (see my blog of 9 August)?

Please think of how YOU can help a local hospice next October and join in the fun! I look forward to hearing from you.

A long day in Brussels

I’ve just returned home from an eventful overnight stay in Brussels.  I arrived at Heathrow airport yesterday to find that the company credit card used to book my flight had been scammed.  This meant I had to buy a new ticket for my Brussels trip.  Then I found that the European strike had shut down the train service from Brussels airport to the Brussels.  As a result I was a little late for my evening meeting but at least I got there.

My return tonight was delayed by a technical issue on the plane so I was rather later home than planned.  The joys of travelling for business!

I was attending a large international meeting and it was a real pleasure to meet friends and colleagues from a number of European countries for the first time since they participated in Hair for Hospices on 7 August.  There was much jesting because each of the males had regrown their beards – none of us wanted to face a cold winter with a naked face!  The ladies had been more discrete and restyled their hair on 7 August and I had a number of hugs today from some who became a little emotional at the reunion.

I also met some people I had not previously met who had either participated in Hair for Hospices or had heard of it from others, as well as others who heard of this for the first time today and were keen to be involved in some way.  If I needed any proof that Carol’s memory will be a force for good, I had it in quantity today and I am truly humbled that so many who never knew her are prepared to make such an effort to help others so much less fortunate than themselves.

I hope to be able to give more details of Hair for Hospices 2013 soon but tomorrow I must check on what must be done for Recitals for Hospices on 16 December.  In the meantime here are some more photos of our artists, Alexandre Da Costa (violin) and Danny Driver (piano).  Please try to join us for what promises to be a wonderful evening for the benefit of Duchess of Kent Charity.  Tickets are only £12 each plus a handling charge at and please don’t be shy about coming up to say hello to me.  Today proved I can be hugged without breaking!

New Recitals for Hospices logo and other news

Today I was delighted to receive a new and professionally designed logo for Recitals for Hospices.  Thanks again to Ralph ( for the new design which fits so well with the existing design for Hair for Hospices.

Plans for the recital are developing very well and it looks as if further sponsors may be prepared to support the recital and so help our charity.  We also agreed our poster for the event today and a copy of this is shown below.

If you are interested in attending you’ll find all the details you need on the poster.  Please feel free to print it for display locally to encourage those who can be in the Reading area on 16 December to come along but feel free to ask for a higher quality image if you wish.  You can contact me by leaving a comment on this site or by email at

The evening promises to be magical and I for one am certainly looking forward to it.  I’ve been particularly touched by a number of people who’ve told me that rather than buy a Chanukah/Christmas present for a named person this year, they will be buying a concert ticket for them.  In this way, the recipient has the pleasure of a concert and the charity benefits.  That is a really lovely thought, particularly as it was over that period that we lost Carol.

Once this concert is over I’d be pleased to speak to the hospices which have already expressed some interest in holding a similar local event.  That doesn’t mean I’m not prepared to speak to other hospices which have not yet expressed such an interest!  Please keep an eye on from time to time to see what we’re doing and how this could help a hospice in YOUR area.

Plans are also developing nicely for a major Hair for Hospices event across the entire UK next year.  I’ve accepted an invitation to talk at the annual meeting of the National Association of Hospice Fundraisers next March to tell delegates what I’ve been doing but I’m hoping we’ll be able to announce the outline of our plans well in advance of that meeting.  I booked my travel for that meeting today and am looking forward to meeting many people who help support the invaluable work of hospices.  Please keep your eye on for news.