Video links for encore

I’ve just returned from distributing leaflets for the forthcoming Recitals for Hospices event on 16 December to concert goers leaving a choral event at Reading Town Hall.  Unfortunately we ran out of leaflets before we ran out of people willing to take them from us.  Some recipients seemed willing to stop and talk about the recital but crowd pressure prevented this.

As can be imagined, not only have I been very busy with work but also in the build up to the recital being held next Sunday.  Hopefully this brief note will provide an update to let you know the news.

Have you wondered how musicians decide on which encore to offer at the end of a performance?  We’re collaborating with a local newspaper to advertise a selection of possible encores in print and on line and auctioning them to raise funds for charity.  If you’d like to see and hear what is on offer, please visit  The winner will hear their choice of encore played for them, receive a pair of tickets and meet the musicians.

I am grateful to our friend Jamie Inverne for finding such gifted musicians to give of their time for this recital.  Jamie was invited to appear on BBC Radio Berkshire last Monday to talk about the recital and his life in the music industry.  It makes a fascinating listen – after all, there can’t be many who’ve appeared on the BBC Radio 4 prestige news programme “Today” wearing a pyjama top!  If you have time to listen to this enjoyable interview please follow the link below – Jamie appears for about the last 50 minutes of the programme.

It is nice to see that the radio presenter also wrote about the interview in her blog

I too made an appearance on BBC Radio Berkshire this morning to talk about Chanukah, which began last night.  Chanukah is a time of festivity and rejoicing and our family always looked forward to it.  However, that changed last year when we lost Carol during the eight days of the festival.  Lighting the first candle of Chanukah last night served to reinforce our loss and this will be made worse on Thursday evening when we mark the first anniversary of her death according to the Jewish calendar.  No doubt we will go through these feelings yet again on 27 December, the secular date of her death.