Thank you for helping us reach our target – but we’re not stopping yet!

It is difficult to believe that only a year ago my family decided to raise money for the Duchess of Kent House Charity to support the hospice in which Carol died.  We set what we thought would be an overly ambitious target of £35,000.  We met this target some months ago when UK Gift Aid was included.  However, we are now delighted to see that we have reached our target without Gift Aid included and this means we have raised £41,200 for the charity.  To this must be added the success of Hair for Hospices in 2012 which raised about £25,000 for UK hospices and up to £5,000 for non-UK hospices.

Even now, months after the Hair for Hospices day on 7 August 2012 I continue to hear of more participants who didn’t tell me earlier of their involvement.  Last week I spoke to a laboratory colleague who held an event with his colleagues on the day but forgot to mention his efforts to me.  To each and every person who did something to help thank you so very much.

A letter I received days ago from the Duchess of Kent House Charity has a message I’d like to share with each of you.  It reads, “Thank you again for your generous donation – you, your family and your phalanx of supporters really have made a real difference to this hospice and what additional and special services we can offer to our patients and their relatives.”.  This thanks is as much for you as it is for me so thanks again.  We couldn’t have done this without your constant encouragement and support.

We have now launched our event for 2013 and, with support from the National Association of Hospice Fundraisers and also Help the Hospices, it will run from 1-28 October.  I have been humbled by the support already expressed in the short time since we agreed the dates for the event.  For example, a number of groups of hospices around the country are now talking to each other about running joint events under the Hair for Hospices banner – something which is really exciting and which hasn’t happened before.  As some have said to me, the beauty of this event is the totally inclusive nature involving everyone regardless of gender, age or hairiness!  People are being encouraged to join in a growing national (international?) movement with a simple common theme for the benefit of their local hospice – something they can see benefit directly from their support.

Please feel free to contact me if I can help you organise something and let me know what you are planning for Hair for Hospices 2013.  I’ll happily pass on news of your event.