Is it really a year today since Hair for Hospices 2013?

When I woke up this morning I was suddenly struck by two things.  The first is that today would have been our 30th wedding anniversary had Carol been spared.  This is a very sobering thought and brings floods of thoughts of how we had planned to celebrate this special day.  This was closely followed by remembering that one year ago today was the first Hair for Hospices day which was such a wonderful and fitting memorial for someone who was so passionate about supporting hospices and charity.

I have been incredibly supported by so many who want to see Hair for Hospices continue to grow to become a cause to support hospices all around the world.  The support last year year far exceeded anything I could have possibly imagined when I innocently said I’d shave off my beard to raise support for the hospices in which Carol died.

It is now less than two months until Hair for Hospices 2014 from 1 – 28 October and I am delighted to know that many hospices both in the UK and abroad will benefit from the cause.  It is particularly gratifying to know that some hospices are now working collaboratively in groups to use this theme to raise public awareness of the need for the service and care they offer.

Please let me know what you are planning and send me copies of any publicity and I will show it to others on this site.  Thank you all again so much for making this event such a fitting and practical memorial.


One thought on “Is it really a year today since Hair for Hospices 2013?

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