Thoughts at 39,000 feet

I am writing this as I return from a UN-based meeting in the USA following up on the meeting at which I was invited to talk about the first Hair for Hospices in 2012.  Many remembered my presentation and had participated last year and plan to do so again this year.  However, I was very touched by a small number of colleagues who spoke to me privately to tell me of serious and terminal illness that had been diagnosed in their family members since last year.

It is very difficult to know what to say at such times.  Having experienced this I can only pray they continue to have the strength they need to love, support and bring peace of mind to their loved ones, showing them the dignity they deserve at this difficult time.  As Carol said to me in her last month, “Now is not the time for wailing and crying – that will come later for you.  For now, I need you to be strong for me to help me through to the end.”.  

It is important to add life to their hours and to make this precious time as meaningful for all concerned as possible in the time you have left together.  In this, hospices help wonderfully, the only problem being that there are too few hospices to help all those who need their services.

With the help of those reading this, perhaps hospices will gain wider acknowledgement and support through Hair for Hospices.  Anything you can do for your local hospice would be a wonderful gesture – and if you have no local hospice, perhaps you might speak with others to see if something might be arranged to fill this need in your area.

Thank you for reading this and for all your continued support.


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