Tomorrow is the day!

Hair for Hospices 2013 starts tomorrow and it is hard to believe just how much it has developed since it was held last year.  I have spoken many times of how this event seemed to develop a life and grew beyond anything I could have imagined.  This has continued and over the coming month hospices around the UK and as far away as Brazil, Canada, Israel and the USA will benefit from activities held to support them.

When I attended a recent UN based meeting in the USA in August I was told many delegates would be following the initiative in some way in their own countries.  I feel very humbled that I have so many good friends and colleagues around the world who think this is important to them and their countires and I hope to hear that many hospices have benefited from this simple idea in 2013.  What started as a simple thanks on my part to our local hospice really has taken root and become important to many others.

One of my colleagues in the UK contacted me to tell me that he was approached to complete a questionnaire at work.  In return for completing this, the company asking for his time offered to make a donation of £70 to a charity of his choice.  He selected his local hospice to support Hair for Hospices and suggested that others approached in this way might like to think of their local hospice as the recipient for these donations – many thanks, Paul.  This is a simple way of making donations to a hospice at no cost to you and I hope others take this opportunity if they can.

East Lancashire Hospice has covered Hair for Hospices in the current edition of their newsletter (pages 4 and 5).  It seems that some people started hair related events early and I wish them luck with the campaign this month.

Please let me know what you do for Hair for Hospices 2013 and I will happily share it with others.

Thanks again for all your support for hospices and bless you.




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