Quotes for Hair For Hospices

The Chief Rabbi wishes you much success with this important work.  The Chief Rabbi supports many hospices and commends the work they do.”

Office of the Chief Rabbi, Lord Sacks


“In only months since the loss of Carol his wife, Jack has seen a simple idea to support the hospice in which Carol died grow into a national and international movement.  His passion to support this hospice has struck a raw nerve and resonated to develop a very touching and fitting memorial to someone so obviously special to him and his family.  Hospices provide an essential service and I wish Jack every success with this.”

Sir Bob Kershaw, Head of the Home Civil Service in the UK


Many people – too many – have been affected by the loss of a loved one to cancer, but not all of us have the courage to do something bold and courageous about it.  That is why I am lending my support to Jack’s campaign “Hair for Hospices” – which is a great example of an idea which has grown into a successful campaign, and give us all the chance to do something to help.  So please think of how you can contribute – by sponsoring someone or doing something to your hair.

Bronwyn Hill, Permanent Secretary, Defra


“I’m really impressed by the work of Jack and his family to get support for such a good cause.  It’s great to have such a good reason to be a little less serious at work and to be a truly colourful civil servant for the day.”

Nigel Gibbens, Chief Veterinary Officer UK, Defra


“Raising awareness of and funding for hospices is an excellent thing to be doing – Hospices play such a critical role in assisting families at a very difficult time. Let’s hope that it does become the new Red Nose Day for Hospices”

Sir Bob Watson, Chief Scientific Advisor, Defra


Jack and his family are setting a marvellous example to us all, showing that good can come even from the worst of events and we can raise a smile while supporting this worthy cause.

Sheil Voas, Chief Veterinary Officer, Scotland



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